Soft Diamond Light

Soft Diamond Light

Only love matters Part One
  • Published: September 2012
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 180
  • ISBN: 9781452556420
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This eBook was created to make the vision of Soft Diamond Light more accessible to a global audience, and more importantly, to add the powerful energy of Soft Diamond Light to the ‘online consciousness' of the internet. It is based on Part one of the hardcover, full color book, Soft Diamond Light, Only love Matters.

The response to Soft Diamond Light has been that it raises the vibratory atmosphere of wherever it resides. It uplifts everyone who comes within its field of influence. It emanates a powerful electromagnetic field. It seems to activate and clean the inner superphysical atmosphere of your home or office space.

The eBook explores the bridge between exoteric and esoteric science and introduces a new perspective on the science of physical manifestation. It explores how we can manifest the full superhuman potential of our spiritual selves into our physical reality. 

The Soft Diamond Light image originated from a deep meditation experience and subsequently became the catalyst for the creation of the book. The image is a symbol of love, which is soft and tender, yet still as strong and brilliant as a magnificent diamond. 

It inspires us to see the vision of Soft Diamond Light and the powerful potential within each of us to make a contribution towards a better world for our family, community, nation and planet. Every act of contribution, however simple, shifts the balance towards love and connection, away from the precipice of fear and separation. This shift can turn our lives here on this planet into a heaven on earth.

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