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Creating Healthy Writing Habits

“The habit of doing more than is necessary can only be earned through practice.”

― Seth Godin

Writing a book is a big goal. To reach the point where you have a fully prepared manuscript that’s ready for publication, there are many smaller, less exciting goals you’ll have to achieve along the way. From collecting materials and meeting word-count goals, to organizing chapters and editing every sentence — there’s much to be done. Because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the process, it’s important that you take action and stay focused to ensure that your dream of writing a book isn't only a dream.

Being a writer is a lifestyle choice. So, in order to be a successful writer, you need to incorporate writing as an integral part of your daily life (Click to Tweet). Make writing a habit, and you’ll be on your way to achieving whatever writing goals you set for yourself.

Many writers approach their writing schedules in different ways. Some keep to strictly scheduled writing sessions while others simply wait for inspiration to strike. A simple way to become a productive writer with good writing habits is to commit yourself to writing at least one sentence every day (Click to Tweet).  Here’s why:

You’ll benefit from the power of practice

The key to succeeding in your writing is the same as the key to reaching mastery in any activity: practice (Click to Tweet). The more consistently you write, the more natural it will become to you. Once you’ve established a daily habit of writing, you’ll be on your way to a more creative, productive lifestyle that you won’t want to give up.

You’ll stay connected to your work

When you go long stretches without working on your book, it can be easy to lose focus and produce writing that feels choppy and disconnected. By sitting down to work at least a little every day, it will be easy to get right back into your writing zone. All of your research, ideas and chains of thought will always be fresh in your mind, and you’ll feel closer to your work.

You’ll write with freedom

Once writing becomes a regular part of your life, you can approach each writing session with a more relaxed attitude. Because you trust that you’ll be right back at your computer the next day, you can start to take risks and experiment with new ideas in ways that you might not otherwise feel comfortable.

You’ll open the floodgates

On some days, that one sentence might be all you can deliver (and that’s okay). But on other days (most days) that one sentence will turn into much, much more. Once you simply take the step to sit down with your computer, open your work in progress, and begin typing, you never know how many words will flow from you onto the page.

Regardless of how much work you get done during each writing session, you’ll be creating a daily writing habit that will pay off in the long run. Happy writing!