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Vol. 2, 2012


The positive energy that flowed from your fingertips into the pages of your book is released every time a new reader opens up a copy (Click to Tweet). Promote your book on the radio, and that energy travels over the airwaves straight to the hearts and minds of listeners.

Radio has always been a powerful way to spread a message, and while it’s one of the oldest forms of broadcast media, it’s still one of the most effective (Click to Tweet).

Take a cue from Karen Noe, who went on a radio promotional tour for her book Through the Eyes of Another, first published by Balboa Press before being picked up for traditional publishing by Hay House. Listen to a sample of Noe's Hay House Radio interview below; then check out our breakdown of radio benefits.

Click to hear Karen Noe’s Hay House Radio Interview


Make Waves Over the Air Waves

The beauty of radio is its accessibility. Radio stations can be picked up nearly everywhere, from the biggest cities to the most remote countryside. And with the podcasts and Internet radio programs of today, your opportunities to pinpoint and reach new audiences have never been greater.

Noe used the reach of radio to her advantage by sharing her message on several AM and Internet radio programs across the country, in addition to appearing on Hay House Radio.

A book’s strength is in its potential to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Radio lets you reveal your book’s potential two ways: talking about how it can benefit others, and demonstrating it by answering questions directly from call-in listeners.

Noe put both into practice in her Hay House Radio interview and, in turn, showed that her book has something to offer listeners.

Just as book signings put a face to your book, radio appearances can give it a voice.

Your personality shines over the airwaves, meaning that the more engaging you are, the more likely listeners will be interested in your book.

By exuding confidence and an interest in helping others, Noe added to her credibility as an author and as a medium.

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