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Make Your Star Soar

Gail Gonzales

Hay House Marketing Director Gail Gonzales shares her expert advice for using your star power to launch your book.

Based on Balboa Press Q&A with Gail Gonzales

Hay House Marketing Director Gail Gonzales shares her expert advice for using your star power to launch your book (Click to Tweet).

A Whole New World

Ironically, book launches these days are even less about the book. Now, authors who have the strongest showing on launch day are those who have continually worked at building their platforms (Click to Tweet) – growing their email list, connecting genuinely with their fans, constantly creating content, keeping their website fresh, connecting with bloggers, and gaining exposure on a local and national level. 

Countdown to Launch Day

The first steps in planning a book launch should start well before the book actually publishes.

  1. Evaluate your platform and your following. You need to have various ways to  connect with people.  For your fans, make it all about customer service and deliver your message to them in the way they prefer to receive it – Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter, website, blog, video, etc.
  2. Create content. Think of ways you can create additional content that you can offer to your fans. For example, if you’re writing a book on meditation, think about recording some free audio downloads of guided meditations.
  3. Reach your target. Look at the message you are putting out into the world and your subject matter.  Where can you partner within your community? For example, if you have a spiritual message, you may want to reach out to new thought churches to see if they are in need of a guest speaker. 

Promote your Book the Hay House Way

Our marketing ranges from live events, online radio, email newsletters, websites, social media, blogger programs and more. The marketing mix Hay House has could never have been as strong and successful if we weren’t always staying true to the brand of helping people empower their own lives. Stay true to your message and always reflect your brand (Click to Tweet). 

Keep Your Launch Momentum

Stay up to date on current events, and if something comes up that resonates with your book, it’s a perfect opportunity to put together a blog, press release or email newsletter (Click to Tweet) addressing the current event and how you and your book relate. It's not about the hard sell anymore – it’s about spreading ideas, offering solutions and creating content that is worthwhile to your audience (Click to Tweet).

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