How to Publish a Self Help Book, Self-Help Publishing
How to Publish a Self Help Book

Self-help Publishing: How to Publish a Self-Help Book

Four Tips for Successful Self-Help Publishing

You have coaching, motivation and affirmations to share, and it's up to you to get your messages out to help and empower others (Click to Tweet). Self-help book publishing may be intimidating at first, but with your determination and a little help from Balboa Press, you can publish your self-help book and reach your goals.  

Here are some tips for successful self-help publishing (Click to Tweet):

1. Write for a target audience.   The more specific you are, the more connected your readers will feel. Have a specific message in mind; you should be able to explain why you are writing your book in a few short sentences. Once you know the message you want to convey to readers, the easier it will be to decide who your target audience should be.

2. Be inspirational, while providing originality. You want to motivate your reader to use your advice to make changes in their lives. Take a unique approach on the topic you’re writing about; look at your topic from an entirely different angle than your competition (Click to Tweet).  To make using a unique approach easier, write about a subject with which you have experience or familiarity. Readers will have more trust in your advice if they feel that you have experience in the topic.

3. Be prepared.  Make sure you are willing to put in the required time and expenses to successfully market your self-help book—have a plan ready!  Practice how to summarize your book and what it will do for people.  Have your pitch ready and be prepared to give it anytime, anywhere. From marketing plans to simple day-to-day strategies, being proactive is key (Click to Tweet).

4. Have realistic expectations.  Understand that your self-help book might not gain overnight success.  Start promoting your book locally and really focus on reaching your target audience; your work will eventually speak for itself, but in the mean time, don't become discouraged if your book doesn't take off right away. Despite any money you make, publishing a self-help book has the potential to significantly change someone’s life (Click to Tweet).

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