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Indexing (up to 1000 words)



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Indexing provides a quick and easy way readers can learn more about a topic in your book. Using strategic key words from your book we will create an index of your selected words during the production stage of your book design. We use a computer generated keyword index to alphabetically list the selected words and page numbers in the back of your book for easy reference.

As the author, it is your responsibility to select the key words you would like listed in your index. This is a crucial step and each word needs to be carefully considered. Stay away from the simple and commonly used words and focus more on specific words related to the topic of your book. This service allows you to choose up to 1,000 words for indexing.

Note: Alphabetization is the only type of organization associated with concordance-type indexing and only exact words are matched when using this approach. A professional index service is highly recommended if your work requires an industry-standard index.

Journey On | Indexing (up to 1,000 words)

Balboa Press can take the hassle out of indexing your book for you with this handy and efficient service. The typical timeline for this service adds two weeks to the design process, depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work. Call 877.407.4847 for more information or to purchase this service.