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Why Self-Publish with Balboa Press

Why Choose Balboa Press as Your Book Publishing Company

A book publishing company focused on self-help books with a positive message 

With Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, you have the freedom to self-publish your book in order to help others as well as achieve your own aspirations. If you are ready to get published today, there's no need to wait any longer. You have the opportunity to chart your own course and shape your future. Learn more about all that the book publishing company Balboa Press has to offer.

Balboa Press Advantages

By choosing Balboa Press as your book publishing company, you not only align yourself with a publisher that shares your values, but you also receive benefits you won't find with any other self-publishing companies. Our professional staff works with you to ensure your vision is communicated clearly and that your book meets industry standards. Read about the advantages of self-publishing with Balboa Press

The Publishing Revolution

First, people started making films and music independently of big companies. Now, the indie revolution has caught up with what authors and readers have wanted for years – high-quality, professional self-published books. Balboa Press combines the best of traditional book publishing companies and self-publishing models to allow you to stay in control of your book publishing process while producing a book you will be proud of. Read more about self-publishing.

Your Publishing Path

At times, self-publishing may feel overwhelming, but we will walk with you all along your publishing path. Our goal is to take the worry and frustration out of publishing a book and instead provide you with a smooth path full of help along the way. Consider us the map that helps you take your idea and turn it into a book you can be proud of for a lifetime. Learn the five steps to publishing your book

Author Testimonials

Hear what inspired several Balboa Press authors to put their work into print, why they chose Balboa Press and how their publishing experience transpired. Watch Author Testimonials.

Balboa Press Reviews

On the journey to publication, plenty of authors have gone before you. Learn about the first-hand experiences of other Balboa Press authors so you can better understand if publishing with Balboa Press is the right path for you and your book. Read Balboa Press Reviews.

Get Started Today

The opportunities available to you through Balboa Press are endless. It is possible to publish your book affordably and efficiently with our professional staff by your side. Take one step closer toward publishing your book.

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