7 Veils

7 Veils

Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment
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7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment

Do you wish to be spellbound? Then contemplate the Seven Veils. Mystical secrets hide within them. You are enveloped in ethereal layers of protection and insight. Which one wraps around you now? Once you unveil, wisdom enters. It comes in enigmatic ways. This inspirational memoir, including engaging tales from other women, reveals how the ancient art of belly dancing evokes feminine transformation. This metaphoric unveiling opens your hidden gifts. Each portal of insight brings you toward enlightenment. Please enter...you are invited.

7 VEILS  uncovers:
• the sacred secret found in denial
• sensation as a guide
• how to see yourself "unveiled"
• the mysterious gift hidden in love
• promise as spiritual alignment
• integration to enable healing
• stillness as a path to bliss

"This is a wonderful book. It is beautifully woven with vivid stories, genuine reflection and compelling insight. It is grounded and lofty-- a veritable treasure of wisdom. I recommend it wholeheartedly."— James O'Dea is a former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and award winning author. www.jamesodea.com

" 7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment" is Meredith Zelman Narissi's beautiful offering for women seeking self-realization and personal transcendence through the full expression of the Feminine." — Abigail Brenner, M.D., author of Transitions: How Women Embrace Change and Celebrate Life and SHIFT: How to Deal When Life Changes

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