Save Yourself & Save The Planet

Save Yourself & Save The Planet

1001 Green & Fun Life Hack Tips
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We as humans seem to be in constant pursuit of happiness and success. We have fleeting feelings of well-being, emotional reactions, and judgments based upon our personal experiences and cultural beliefs.

Being fully immersed in our industrialized and technological age, we tend to lean toward overconsumption. Our consumerism is driven by a relentless marketing machine that convinces us that we need more. At the other end of that consumerism is our waste, and we have lost touch with the reality that our waste doesn’t just disappear, it remains as blight on the planet.

The tips in this book are easy to do and promote environmental awareness for a sustainable lifestyle for all of us. It teaches us ways to recycle and upcycle our wastes to reduce the load on the environment.

It is my hope that these life hacks will stimulate inspiration, creativity, connection, and encourages idea sharing and conversation about making an even greater contribution to the health of each other and the planet.

- You can gain control!

- You can live a more fulfilling life!

- You can make a difference!

Join the hippest new movement to rock your world and the planet!

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