155 Vital, Quick & Helpful Tips for Writing Your Speech, Facing the Audience & Overcoming Fear!
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What’s the best way to calm the butterflies before you speak?
Should you open your speech with a joke or a story?
What should you do if you forget something important?
How do you overcome your fear of speaking to large and small groups?
Here, in an easy to access format, you’ll find techniques to create and deliver a speech for every occasion, overcome pre-speech nerves, avoid tripping over your tongue, and always look and feel like a Unique and Sexy Speaker.
You speak in public every day. Whether you’re giving a speech, having a conversation, saying your wedding vows, teaching your kids, exhorting your sales team, or talking in your sleep, if someone is listening, you have the opportunity to influence and to inspire.
Being influential and inspirational! That’s very sexy!

“As an international speaker with more than a dozen years of experience speaking to all kinds of audiences, I can say this is a truly useful collection of tips that can help any speaker rise to the next level. I've read many books for speakers, and this is the one I'd use right before I go on stage or as I fly to my next engagement to remind me of the basics and to get a good, positive outlook thanks to its bite-sized chunks of wisdom.”

—Dan Janal, publicity/marketing/thought leader, and president of PR LEADS.

“Secrets of a Unique & Sexy Speaker sets out the rules of speaking in clear, concise, and easy-to-follow steps that take the mystery and fear out of public speaking. This is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to, or has to, stand before an audience to deliver a message.”

—Rona Arato, author of The Last Train, a Holocaust Story

“Lucky me! I read Secrets of a Unique & Sexy Speaker before two public appearances, one in front of a hundred or so businesspeople and the other before a board of eighteen. I chose several Speaking Tips to practice and test drive. While much of the book might have you nod in recognition, if you’re aware of your own ‘ticks’ and have received feedback about your speaking, you will—as I did—benefit enormously from consistently applying these techniques to help you improve. As Marion Claire points out, speaking is a mental as well as physical sport that requires preparation to achieve greater freedom of expression. Thank you, Marion, for your thorough, practical and encouraging guidance.”

—Agnes Mura, MA MCC, global leadership coach,

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