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Greg Frucci

“Ultimately, what I wanted to accomplish is a way for people to find peace through these words.”

Author Greg Frucci talks about the lessons he learned about himself on a spontaneous sailing adventure. He also explains how this inspiration led him to write Path of Three Hundred.

Video Transcript

An Interview with Greg Frucci

"Everybody in their life, I think, reaches a point where they just want to be done with everything and take off. And I'd reached that point. I stripped away everything that was comfortable in my life and just decided to go on an adventure at sea, something that I'd always wanted to do."

Finding a Connection

"I went through a storm. Actually, I went through several storms, but there was one intense moment that lasted 18 hours, when I was 300 miles out there sailing into the center of the tropical storm by myself. There's a story in there about a particular bird called the Bermuda Longtail that came to visit me every single day. The message there is of a connection and I firmly believe that none of us are alone. I learned many things out there. I learned about myself. I was a totally different guy before I set sail. Nothing really bothers me anymore. It might bother me in the moment that it's happening, but I've learned to just center myself and, through gratitude, appreciate what's happening because I know there's going to be a lesson there and I can just keep going."

Writing for the World

"Once I started telling the stories and seeing the looks on peoples' faces and them asking questions and having people say, 'Wow, you've taught me something and I can apply it to my own life.' I realized I'm writing this for the world. I'm writing this for everybody who's dealing with intensities in their life and this is a way to sort of experience it yourself and apply the lessons that I learned out there to yourself. Ultimately, what I wanted to accomplish is a way for people to find peace through these words."