Balboa Press Reviews

Balboa Press Reviews

Authors Share First-Hand Experience Publishing with Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House

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Read Balboa Press reviews and see what authors have to say about their publishing experiences with Balboa Press. To learn more about whether Balboa Press is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 877.407.4847.


Nancy Levin | Writing for My Life... Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me

“When I put this book together, it was very clear to me that publishing through Balboa was the answer because I could have a book in my hand three months after I handed the manuscript in. It was important to me that the book come out in a timely fashion.” Hear more from Nancy Levin »



Shirley Plant | Finally... Food I Can Eat 

“Everyone who I encountered at Balboa was helpful and nice to work with. If I had any questions, I always called and usually received a call back within 24 hours.” Read more about Shirley Plant's experience »



Brooke Hampton | Enchanted Cedar

“You have such a great team up at Balboa Press. I have been so impressed with everyone I've had the opportunity to work with. You guys are wonderful and I am so grateful to you for making my dream come true. Much love to you!”




Gerry Gavin | Messages from Margaret

“Balboa Press was great, especially when you're a first-time author, because they walk you through everything step by step — they really take you by the hand to let you understand the timing and the process.” Hear more from Gerry Gavin »




Katherine F. Bright, ND | Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright

“Special thanks to my marketing adviser Brandon of Balboa Press. Brandon you are so awesome and professional and I thank you for assisting this Aussie with understanding the process for my new book publishing and publicity Connection-Keep Your Light Burning Bright. It is truly a joy to share the potential and be able to speak of spiritual matters so openly in the forum of your work. Thank you Hay House, Balboa Press et al and of course our wondrous Creator for the guidance to send me there ~ love and light.”



Julie Boyer | 30 Days of Gratitude

“Thanks to the team at Balboa Press, my book went from unfinished manuscript in February to published book in MAY!!!”




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