Balboa Press
Create comfort with your story. Save up to $2,700.  


Relax, Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, is here to bring you relief as you begin your publishing journey. Your message is the breath of fresh air others are eagerly awaiting. Let Balboa Press comfort you on your journey toward authorship, just as you comfort so many others with your reinvigorating message. With Balboa by your side, you can count on:

  • Professional Self-Publishing Guidance: Supported self-publishing doesn't mean you're left to figure everything out on your own. By choosing to publish with Balboa Press, you also have an entire team of experienced industry professionals on your side.
  • Earth-Friendly Publishing: We pride ourselves on using less paper by doing most of the book production work online, and for printing, we use Print-on-Demand (POD) services that only print a book when it is ordered.

Ease into publishing this August with up to $2,700 in savings on the below publishing packages if you’re a new or current member of the Author Learning Center.* Not a member? Don’t worry, you can join today. If you’re not a member, you can still save $250 on select publishing packages this month.

Save up to $2,700 on Amplify

Save up to $1,600 on Master

Save up to $900 on Empower and Illuminate

Save up to $450 on Discover, Inspire and Reveal   

Call 317-454-0165 to claim your refreshing savings by August 31



* Offer expires August 31, 2017, and is not valid in combination with any other offers or promotion. Only applies to packages listed. You must sign up for or already have an active Author Learning Center membership to receive up to $2,700 off.