Gender Balancing

Gender Balancing

An Evolutionary Model for Elevating Relationships from Mediocre to EXTRAORDINARY

“This practical book will make an impact on every one of your relationships. Martin is an extraordinary coach who is in constant demand.”

—Harvey W. Austin, MD, surgeon and author

Gender Balancing: An Evolutionary Model for Elevating Relationships from Mediocre to EXTRAORDINARY shows you how to create a balanced and fulfilling relationship. As a renowned relationship coach, I have helped thousands of people find and enhance their love relationships. Now my book will guide you as you learn to create your own extraordinary relationship.

The steps are easy and doable. You will learn to observe, identify, and balance the feminine and masculine energies within you to empower your relationships with others—and yourself. The discovery of what women and men want and need from each other will surprise and enlighten you. You will discover the five primary relationships and see how you can build on family, friendship, romance, and committed relationships to create an everlasting relationship—one that inspires others.

Throughout the book, simple concepts are illustrated along with fascinating client stories. I have worked with thousands of people. I have watched as women and men have evolved from lonely or bored, taking themselves and their relationships from mediocre to extraordinary. Now it’s your turn.

Humanity has work to do before we transcend gender bias. Extraordinary relationships will one day be established as the new norm. In the meantime, why not get a head start on your own transformation? Throughout the process, I will be there to encourage and support you.

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