Uncommon Prose

Uncommon Prose

Poems, Quotes, and Soul Antidotes

Uncommon Prose defined:

Poems, Quotes, and Soul Antidotes is Dianne’s first book. It is a compilation of much of Dianne’s life lessons presented as poetry (uncommon prose). In this book, she offers her musings of this world through her honest eyes and pen. Also included are her own quoted observations as a co-participant in humankind. Lastly, her Soul Antidotes are written in the true form of prose. The themes of this book are life based right from the heart, as Dianne engages both common and uncommon prose for the art and pleasure of it. This writing endeavor has been instrumental as a means to decipher the deeper meanings in life, perhaps for many of us. It involves love, loss, friendship, faith, hope, and the expansion of soul. May it be both entertaining and enlightening to you and your life experience as you go along for the read.

An excerpt from the book:

I Feel; Therefore, I Know I Am

And my pen wrote: Although the step before me is not yet known, I feel my feet on my path. I know I am on my path. I saw a mother holding her new baby in her arms; I felt love. Although I am neither mother nor baby, I feel love. I know love. I saw a man crying on the bus, so deep was his pain. I know not the source of his sorrow, yet I felt his pain. I know pain. Walking, I saw a tree dancing in the wind; it motioned, dance with me. I did not hear the invitation; I felt it. And together we danced. Are these mere memories or something deeper shared by all humankind in the kingdom outside the mind?

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