The Princess of Freedom

The Princess of Freedom

  • Also available as: E-Book
  • Published: November 2012
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 88
  • Size: 8.25x11
  • ISBN: 9781452555089

     Venture deep into the Mystic Forest, an enchanted land where animals speak and nature spirits dwell. Follow the adventures of Kriya as she embarks on a search for her beloved cat, the Princess of Freedom. Watch her transform as she discovers the courage of her heart and learns the lessons of surrender.


The Princess of Freedom teaches us to be guided by the heart and trust the wisdom of love. In the format of an adventure story, young people are presented the life lessons of letting go and forgiveness. They will learn to see the beauty and grace of our natural world, and to appreciate the wisdom of the animals as guides and teachers for humanity.


Recommended for young people and their parents, for teachers, therapists, and truth seekers of all ages.




“The Princess of Freedom is an enchanting, delightful story for children, as well as the young at heart. It is beautifully told, with poetry and lovely pictures interspersed. The message of the book is deeply spiritual, while remaining light and fun. I would urge anyone who loves animals and wants spiritual nourishment to read this sweet book.”

Barbara Shor, DVM, Animal Communicator, author of SOUL OF THE WILD: Intimate Messages from the Hearts and Souls of Elephants and Whales.


“Through creative storytelling, Tarra teaches the core fundamentals every child needs to build a healthy foundation of values in a way that is playful, spirited, and adventurous. As a trauma therapist who uses EMDR with children and adults, I believe this book can help my clients identify and heal the wounds of their own childhood trauma.”

Treva R. Rawlings, LCPC, Rawlings Community Counseling


The Princess of Freedom weaves profound life lessons into a wholesome and delightful tale. From a teacher’s perspective, I see it as literature to stimulate the imagination and creativity of a child. With the proliferation of violence in our society and hard-core social issues given considerable prominence in our schools, it is refreshing to find literature with such a level of innocence carrying so powerful a message.”

Phyllis Blain, Elementary teacher


“Tarra Light has crafted a story that speaks with deep wisdom and authority about personal challenges, beliefs, and the power of the awakened heart to overcome anything. The book has an elegant simplicity that can appeal to children and adults. The use of multiple layers of archetypes, most of which are familiar from many common mythologies and legends, is cleverly woven throughout the narrative. I absolutely love the energy of the illustrations, and they complement the story very well. All in all, a real gem of a story...with truth at its center.”

Isaac George,  Spiritual and Astrological Counselor / Mentor 


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