Balboa Press - 5 Affirmations for Writers

Get Going - 5 Affirmations for Writers

5 Affirmations for Writers

Develop the confidence to produce words that can wow.

Craving inspiration for your work?  Use these affirmations when you’re in need of a creative boost (Click to Tweet).




I will pursue that which inspires me most (Click to Tweet).

Health food? Holistic healing? Hula-Hooping? Discover what puts a spring in your step and let that passion lead the way in your writing. If you honestly enjoy what you’re writing about, you’ll be more likely to find inspiration in the subject.



I will not allow fear to hold me back from my dreams (Click to Tweet).

Nobody’s perfect!  The sooner you get past the fear of failure, the sooner you can focus on success. As Reid Tracy, president and CEO of Hay House, puts it, “Failing let me know it was OK not to succeed at everything, and things would still be OK.”



I breathe in positivity and light, and I exhale negativity and distraction (Click to Tweet).

Put unrelated thoughts on the back burner and allow yourself to focus solely on the task at hand.



I welcome new opportunities, new experiences and new ideas (Click to Tweet).

Allow yourself to take your writing in a different direction than you’ve ever taken it before. You may be surprised by what you uncover when you are consciously open-minded.



I will actively seek out settings and people conducive to my creativity (Click to Tweet).

Immerse yourself in a new place that provides inspiration for your subject or writing. Spending time in a positive environment with someone who motivates you can help you generate creativity that you can apply to your writing.  

What affirmation do you use to fuel your writing?

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