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At Balboa Press, we want to help you improve this planet and the lives of people who live on it. It is your creativity, ambition and heart that will change the world for the better — and by publishing your positive message, you can help others around the world on their own journeys. Watch the videos below to hear why our authors chose Balboa Press for their supported self-publishing experience.



Balboa Press author Diane Haworth talks about her journey to publishing "How To Choose Love When You Just Want To Slap Somebody." Using humor, real-life stories and exercises to help readers understand where they get stuck, she also wants to help readers get unstuck by consciously connecting to the energy of love.  Visit Diane's video page >>


Share Professional Success

Hear the stories of authors who have utilized Balboa Press to find or share their professional successes. 

 Watch Lorraine LaJoie's Video Interview

Lorraine LaJoie

 Watch Rich Okun's Video Interview

Rich Okun

 Watch John Dowd Jr's Video Interview

John Dowd Jr.

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Fulfill a Dream

Watch authors who took the leap to fulfill dreams they had kept on the back burner. 

John Norseman

John Norseman

Sandra Cole

Sandra L. Cole

 Watch Katie Law Goodwin's Video Interview

Katie Law Goodwin

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Empower Others

Be inspired by authors who began their publishing journeys to empower others.

 Watch Greg Frucci's Video Interview

Greg Frucci

 Lisa Angelo

Lisa Angelo

 Marguerite Vardman

Marguerite Vardman

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